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Creating Your Digital Business Card

Hosting Your Digital Business Card

AppSumo Redemption Process

In this video learn how to redeem your AppSumo code for a license key and activate it.

Activating Your Smart vCard Agency License

Error Message - Resetting Your License Key

All White-label Agency licenses keys may be installed in up to 3 devices. In this video learn how to request a key reset.

My NFC Card Supplier - 10% Off Coupon

Tap Tag pays us a small commission when you click the button below and make a purchase on their website. This won't cost you anything extra, but it helps us offset the cost of maintaining Smart vCard & Reviews Zip. The 10% off is something extra f...

How to Save Your QR Code

Many times people want to use QR codes in tandem with their digital business cards.  They may want to print it on a paper business card, yard sign or tradeshow poster.  For best printing results, it is best if you use an SVG file.    In this video...

Add Bookmark to Your iPhone

In this video watch as I show you how to add your digital business card as a Bookmark to your iPhone home screen.  If you are an Android user Launch Chrome for Android and open the website or web page you want to pin to your home s...

How to Manually Translate Your Card

In this video I show you how to manually translate your digital business card for your preferred language with Notepad and Google Docs.

Sharing Your Digital Card


Custom Favicon & Share Image

Replace the default image with your own